About company

About company

Security seal manufacturer

GST Group stands for Global Security Technologies. The company is engaged in the development, production and sale of security seals. All products manufactured under the GST Security Seals trademark comply with high quality and ISO 17712 standard.

Delivery of products is carried out in many countries of the world.

Since March 2019, the GST Security Seals trademark has been a member of the AVSO (Association of Sealing Systems Manufacturers).


GST Group is a Kazavchinsky family company founded in Odessa in 1998. The founders are the second generation of the family, the family wholly owns and manages the company. The family consists of 10 family members.


Kazavchynsky are active members of the association of family companies FBN Ukraine (Family Business Network Ukraine), this is part of a large international association FBN. In 2019, the family became the winner of the first national competition Family Business Awards Ukraine and was recognized as the best family company in Ukraine in 2019.


Our mission



Our goal

Create security seals that can reliably protect property, the interests of people and companies around the world.


Our strategic objectives

Take a leading position in the Ukrainian market for the sale of security seals.

To carry out deliveries to 150 countries of the world.

Open representative offices in 35 countries.

Master the monthly production of 80 million pieces of security seals.


Our story

Our company was established in 1998 in Odessa.


Since 2003, the company began supplying its own manufactured products to the international market. Today, our products are used in  80 countries around the world.

Throughout the time, our own security seals are being developed, their design is being improved.


Our experience since 1998 in the market of sealing devices and security sealing means allows the GST Security Seals trademark to solve complex problems facing energy enterprises, gas companies, heat utilities, water utilities. We stand for the protection of the interests of industrial, trade, transport, security and many other enterprises who are not indifferent to the safety of their own tangible assets. These businesses often seal security seals on car fuel tanks, install plastic seals on gates and doors, many use numbered seals on meters, and also install anti-magnetic seals on metering devices. These and other indicator seals can be purchased in our GST Security Seals online store.


The company strives to meet the needs of customers as much as possible. We provide a high level of service, constantly expanding the range of sealing products and protective accessories, and creating new types of security seals. We have a large staff of specialists, a testing laboratory, and high-precision advanced technologies are used in the production process.

About company


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