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Do you know how much property misappropriation occurs in your area of ​​activity? When you heard about this, did you experience negative emotions!?

Have you thought about how to prevent this?


We have solutions just for you!


Security seals will protect you and you will reduce losses. The cost of a seal is several times, or even several thousand times less than the cost of the object being sealed. Is it worth it to save on security!?

A striking example is the sealing of the fuel tank, as well as the fuel system. The cost of 1 liter of fuel exceeds the cost of one filling by 20 times, and if fuel is stolen, then definitely not one liter. Is it worth it to save on security!?


Solution – fillings Strela, Strela Lux and rotary fillings (Lumisil+, Turbion)


Security seals are used for sealing any items.


The sealing process takes from 30 to 60 seconds.


In the field of energy resources use:

                                                          Пломбы на счетчики

  •       Metering devices (Magnet antimagnetic seal, latch seals, rotary seals)                      
  •       Electrical boards (seal stickers)                                                
  •       Substations, etc. (seals stickers)
  •       Gas cylinders (Capsil, tightening seals)


In the field of transportation and agricultural machinery, this can be:

Пломбы для защиты транспортных средств

  •       Car cover (tightening seals)
  •       Body (tightening seals)
  •       Gas tank and fuel system (tightening seals, rotary seals)
  •       Doors (seal stickers)
  •       Various containers and tanks (sticker seals, tightening seals, rotary seals)
  •       Wagons (PTU, tightening seals, rotary seals)
  •       Containers (clicker, PTU)


At gas stations, filling stations often seal:

                                             Охранные пломбы для АЗС

  •       Fuel dispensers
  •       Fuel tanks
  •       Elements in fuel trucks
  •       Commercial equipment (refrigerators, boxes for oils and special liquids)


In banking institutions:

Пломбы на ценности

  •       Vaults
  •       Safes
  •       Collector’s bags
  •       Cassettes of ATMs, terminals
  •       Premises
  •       Transport
  •       Storage and forwarding of bank cards and documents


At home, on vacation:

                               Охранные пломбы для мешков

  •       Baggage when flying, on a train or bus (instead of packaging film or in parallel with the film)
  •       Safe and minibar in the hotel
  •       When transferring the car to a service station or parking, seal the tank and the “glove box” (stickers)


Filling of various items:

                             Сейф-пакет для сохранности ценных вещей

  •       Parcel, packaging with valuables
  •       Showcase in shop or showroom
  •       CD disks, system blocks
  •       Garage
  •       Entrance gates, etc.




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