What does “numbered seal” mean and how are they numbered?


The number on the seal is its unique feature, it has its own individual and never repeating number. The numbering is set sequentially using a laser. The number makes it easy to check the authenticity of the seal. The packaging materials have a label indicating the numbers of the seals they contain. In addition to the number, a barcode (barcode), 2D code, QR code is placed on the seals, in which various information can be encoded. This allows you to automatically enter the numbers of seals in the database.


Are there seals with the same numbers?


The seals have several signs of authenticity and individuality: model, color, logo, number. According to their totality of features, there are no identical fillings. Also, the entire process of assigning numbers to seals is automated. The computerized system will not allow the same number to be entered.


Why is it necessary to use numbered seals instead of the usual round ones (lead and plastic)?


Because the person in charge cannot reset them and therefore there is a possibility of double control. Moreover, it is much more convenient to work with numbered seals – they are quickly and easily installed manually, without the use of special tools, and allow keeping records of the contents of the protected object by the number on the seal. An additional advantage of numbered seals is the ability to put personalized information on them (company name, logo, phone number, etc.).


How are fillings installed?


All seals are installed manually and do not require special tools. When removing, sometimes a tool is required: scissors, side cutters, cable cutters. You can see it more clearly on our YouTube channel.


How much more expensive are polymer fillings compared to lead fillings?


We offer a wide range of seals, some of which can easily compete with lead seals in price, while the effectiveness of polymer seals is much higher. However, indeed, there are seals, the cost of which is significantly higher than lead and other traditional means of sealing (sealing wax, mastic, plasticine, etc.). But the main advantage of a polymer seal, in comparison with lead, is its high reliability. It performs its main function – an indication when trying to remove it and the impossibility of imperceptible substitution. You need to understand that if you seal this or that object, it means that it carries a value for you higher than the cost of the seal. Often this difference in cost exceeds thousands of times, and not rare cases when even millions of times. Is it worth saving on security?


Are the seals reliable, can they be unobtrusively opened?


Quality seals cannot be unnoticed.


Where are the offered fillings made?


The offered fillings are produced in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. In the production of our seals, automated and robotic systems are used. All products manufactured by us pass quality control at all stages of production. If you are not satisfied with our products, please let us know why. You can always find an alternative, there are many offers on the market.

Often, saving on a seemingly simple and inexpensive thing like a seal, buyers neglect the country of origin. And they buy seals produced in the countries of the eastern region. At the same time, at the risk that at the same plant or at a neighboring one, a complete copy of such a seal will be made (both externally and with the same number). Today, everyone already knows that specialists from the countries of the eastern region neglect many factors for the sake of making a profit, and easily duplicate everything.


Are there any certificates for the produced fillings?


There are a number of domestic certificates for the seals we produce. Copies of certificates you can see in the download section or directly in the description of the seal itself.


Is it possible to purchase a small number of fillings at retail?


No, often the minimum packing rate is 300 units. All products are sold in multiples of one package. Power seals, filling materials, sold from 1 pc. You can get all the information by contacting our specialists. We will be happy to help you!!!


Can I order seals with my logo?


Yes, definitely. For our part, we even recommend doing this, because. this will help you avoid attempts to fake your filling. Moreover, in addition to the logo, you can order the placement of the company name, phone number, website and other information. For different seals, the conditions for such an order are different. At the same time, our designer will offer layouts with options for execution. Production times also vary and range from a few days to several weeks.


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