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  • Number and logo applied irreversibly to prevent replacement.
  • Sequential non-repeating numbering.
  • When the seal is peeled off from the sealed surface, a hidden inscription “OPENED OPENED” appears, which does not disappear upon re-labeling.
  • Adhesive composition is resistant to temperature effects in a wide range.

The Barrier security label 60×20 mm is a shortened version of a full-size security seal (Barrier 100×20 mm). It demonstrates the same informational and protective qualities; it serves to warn about illegal intrusion and to make evident the fact of such intrusion. The seal is made of special thin plastic; it has a unique number and a layer of adhesive. Peeling off the seal leads to the appearance of the inscription “ВСКРЫТО OPENED”, which does not disappear when the seal is re-labeled.

“Additional labeling for extra charge, read”

Seal BARRIER 60х20


Seal type Security label
Surfaces to be sealed Plastic, metal, glass, painted surfaces.
Adhesion time to the surface to be sealed 5 min
Overall dimensions 60 х 20 mm
Installation temperature range +5 … +60 оС
Application temperature range -50 … +60 оС
Marking technique laser, permeating
Information to be marked Unique serial number, text logo, simple graphic logo
Warranty period 1 year

This seal can be used in any place where the elements of the object being sealed close to each other and do not move. The installation technique (sticking) is extremely simple.

In the field of transportation and agricultural machinery, this can be:

  • Car body
  • Gas tank
  • Doors
  • Any vessels and tanks
  • Containers

At gas filling stations, the following needs often to be sealed:

  • Fuel dispensing columns
  • Fuel tanks
  • Commercial equipment (refrigerators, boxes for oils and special liquids)

In banking institutions:

  • Vaults
  • Safes
  • ATM or terminal elements
  • Premises
  • Transport

Sealing of various items:

  • Electrical panels, substations, etc.
  • Garage, gate, etc.

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