STRELA LUX Tamper Evident Security Seal, 38.5 cm

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  • The working length of the seal’s tail is 38.5 cm!
  • Especially easy to install!
  • Additional holes to fix the loose part of the seal tail (tensile strength is higher)!
  • Your logo and/or text, barcodes and 2D codes can be placed on the body (flag) of the seal!
  • The seal insert is made of a transparent material to visually control the integrity of the locking mechanism!
  • The code of the seal is re-indicated on the cap!
  • Spikes to seal bags and packages!

The Strela Lux seal is a highly reliable locking device that is used to resist unauthorized entry into controlled facilities and restrict access to devices, bags, boxes, containers, etc. The key part of the seal is the collet lock, which secures the “tail” of the cable to prevent it from moving backwards. The collet includes two pairs of blades facing each other. Use the simplest sequence of actions to install the Strela Lux seal: just thread the cable through the controlled eyes or cavities of an object, and then secure it in the locking part of the collet. The cap glows in the ultraviolet light! With this seal, you can visually check the integrity of the locking mechanism and the correspondence of the number on the body and on the seal insert in dark places or at night.

If the tail is torn off or the structure of the seal itself is damaged, then such a seal is considered to have worked; in other words, it is believed that that the seal was removed and reinstalled. When reinstalled, all seals show visual defects. Be careful when checking the integrity of the seals; familiarize yourself with the parameters that are to be controlled. Strela Lux is a plastic seal.

“Additional labeling for extra charge, read”

Strela Lux - security seal

Seal type: Pull tight
Material: Polypropylene
Working length of the tail, mm: 385
Tail diameter, mm: 2,4
Application temperature range: from –50°С to + 120°С
Method of applying the number and logo: Laser marking
Colors: Various
Numbering: Continuous. 8-digit number on the seal body is duplicated on the cap.

The Strela Lux tamper evident security seal can be used to seal any items where there are holes in two structural elements that are to be sealed.

In the field of transportation and agricultural machinery, this can be:

  • Car awning
  • Car body
  • Gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filters, fuel line
  • Doors
  • Any vessels and tanks
  • Wagons
  • Containers

At gas filling stations, the following needs often to be sealed:

  • Fuel dispensing columns
  • Fuel tanks
  • Commercial equipment (refrigerators, boxes for oils and special liquids)

In banking institutions:

  • Vaults
  • Safes
  • Cash-in-transit cassettes
  • ATM or terminal elements
  • Premises
  • Transport

Sealing of various items:

  • Electrical panels, substations, etc.
  • Luggage, when in flights and on a railway train (instead of using a packaging film or in conjunction with it)
  • Garage, gate, etc.
  • Cable marking for Internet providers

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